My first day of my summer internship was one to remember. I was…

My first day of my summer internship was one to remember. I was working for a robotics company as an executive assistant and the company was massive.

After getting logged in and orientated, I quickly realized that the staff truly believed I was a girl, my makeup, wig, and outfit had fooled them all. It actually made my small boi clit quiver each time someone whispered “damn, the new girl is hot” or “who’s the new hottie assistant?”

After checking through the early morning emails, I got a call from the CEOs secretary telling me to go to his office to meet him.

I was nervous but excited. I hurried towards his corner office, knocked on the door, and entered when I heard “come in!”

I took a few steps into the room and was surprised by his reaction.

“Wow… they did an amazing job… really good…”

I just stood there motionless.

“These engineers are really kicking ass… I wouldn’t even be able to tell this was really a robot.”

It clicked in my mind that he thought I was one of their new products – a robot assistant.

“Angela – how are you today?”, he said tentatively.

“I’m feeling great about today, sir, the weather is 67 and your morning emails are cleared…”, I replied in a monotone, robotic voice.

“Wow… very cool. Err… Angela – What can you do for me?”

“Sir, I am here to service your every need.”

“Angela – please take off your clothes, I need to see the engineer’s total work.”

I was shocked and a bit worried I would be found out, but I had come this far so I slipped out of my shirt and skirt and stood their in my lingerie before him.

“Ah I see they took my advice to make a femboy bot. That little cock, those small breasts… fantastic work… Angela – turn around and show me your ass…”

I spun around methodically and parted my boy cunt for him to see.

“Oh wow… it’s so perfect.”

I stood in position like a statue, thinking that is what a robot would do.

He pulled out his thick cock and began to stroke it.

“Angela – put this in your mouth”

This had gone so far that I was now going to be his sex doll. I was so nervous but controlled myself and lowered my head onto his cock.

“Now suck.”

I gave him a blowjob.

“Wow they have really improved the mouth… I wonder if the ass is better now too… Angela – stand up and get on all fours on my chair.”

I moved robotically towards the chair and presented my virgin ass to him. My small cock was hard as a rock at this point so I concentrated so that it would go limp.

I felt his hands stroking my hips and lower back before the tip of his cock pushed against my boy cunt.

He pushed it hard, thinking I wouldn’t feel the pain. I had to control my sounds so I said:

“Thank you for teaching me new things, sir, this is a wonderful experience.”

“Oh don’t you worry, Angela, I’ll be teaching you new things all the time.”

He fucked me ridiculously hard and all I could do was give out low moans and words of encouragement.

His cum jetted all over my ass and he whipped his cock onto my cheeks to get every drop out.

“Angela – clean up yourself and go back to work please.”

I cleaned myself quickly and put my clothes on. As I walked out his assistant came in and I could hear her say “how do you like the new intern?”

“What intern?”, he said.

“Skye… she just left the room…”

I looked back at him through the open door. He winked at me.

“Oh she’s going to be great.”

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