Well, it was nice while it lasted. Tumblr is doomed. This really blows. I pretty much got my start here and I have over 240,000 followers. Poof! Gone. What a waste.

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Lewd posting while I still can.

Lewd posting while I still can.


GG, Tumblr.

Just logged in to find Tumblr will drop adult content. Well, okay then. I’ll just dump my drafts here before it’s all gone.

I don’t really have any other avenue to publish posts atm.
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I’m not active right now, but might be in the future.


Simon was fired from a cashier job and had t…

Simon was fired from a cashier job and had to move in with this step-sister to be able to afford college. His step-sister had always been bossy and thought Simon was weak and easily impressionable. When she found out he was still a virgin and didn’t have a girlfriend, she started playing mind games and insisting Simon should pop his cherry with a guy..


Whenever your step-mom came home from a club, …

Whenever your step-mom came home from a club, drunken and with yet another date, she would wake you up just to have some stranger shove a dick up your ass.

“Pumpkin pie, you pay no rent, smoke weed and sit on that pretty ass all day. Time to put it to good use.”


“Be a good girl now, and tell to the camera ho…

“Be a good girl now, and tell to the camera how you love to get pussyfucked and eat fat cocks.”


Beta butt always finds a cock.

Beta butt always finds a cock.


Charles is an investment banker. But on weeken…

Charles is an investment banker.
But on weekends, he moonlights as Cheryl the Cum Dumpster.


On your honeymoon trip to Bangkok, you thought…

On your honeymoon trip to Bangkok, you thought it would be cool and exhilarating to bring your new wife to a local strip club and then

bail on the check. Not because of the money – you both are well of upper class San Franciscans – but just because you can. Turns out no, you actually can’t pull that shit here, at least not in a bar owned by the cartel running all the sex traffic markets around the town. See, they’re very particular about the concepts of property and ownership there. You stole from them, they want something back. You manage to negotiate them into sparing both of your lives in turn for your wife joining the escort service for a week. Then you’re both separated

While you’re gagging on your kidnapper’s cocks, your wife is being prepared for a night out with local clients.

Fast forward 4 months. You’re sniffing the ball sweat of cum-stained bedsheets in a cheap motel, collecting tourist cum in your ass, client after client. A lot of them are surprised to see a fellow american working in a Bangkok brothel, but in fear of your wife’s life – whom you haven’t seen since the incident – you’re too scared to tell them the truth. You’ve even ‘served’ your former employees from the investment firm you used to work in. None of them have recognized you, or if they have, it certainly didn’t make them go easier on you. In fact, they all insisted on cumming in your mouth and you swallowing it. That cost them a whopping $3 extra. Now that you think of it, maybe they did recognize you, they just wanted to see their ex-boss moan on their dick, swallow the load and lick their balls like a good little girl. That teaspoon of semen may not be much for any of those individual men, hell it’s a five minute wank to produce it. But spurt it down a specific throat, hit those tastebuds of the person who used to make you come in on weekends to finish some goddamn reports, watch them swallow and digest that man seed while impotently kneeling between your thighs. It’s a thing of beauty.


In your

naivety, you still think they’ll let you go when you earn enough to pay your debt.The thing with Bangkok cartel is they really don’t care how much cash you got on your fancy credit cards, they see this as a simple case of quid pro quo. Once you steal from them and are stupid enough to get caught, they own you for life. You’re their property now, an investment You’re 26 now, which gives you about 10 years of full service with your ass and mouth – gangbangs, roleplays, bukkakes, various fetishes. In your late 30ies, you’d mostly be on oral duty, moving away from customers and on to servicing the staff. Morning woods, afternoon quickies, occasional thank you blowjobs to the mail man. You’d scout the establishment for stressed out men and suck them dry of their semen. By then you’d be broken enough from all the fucktoy lifestyle that you’ll be finding ways to offer a helping hand (or rather a mouth) for all the males of the club. A decade on a sexual servitude as a career choise has really diversified your portfolio of skills. From analyzing stock market to drawing rings around a fat cock head with your tongue. you’ll be teaching the new “recruits” every trick in the book to get a man off with your mouth.

And you’ll still be hoping your wife made it out okay after the first week was over. When in reality, she was promptly shipped to Russia for a thorough discipline and obedience training.
The local oligarchs love delicate american blondes who break after the smallest hint of provocation.
She thought she hit the jackpot marrying an investment banker, but now she’s licking Russian semen off a leather couch with a hard cock firmlypenetrating her anus. She doesn’t understand the language, but at this point it doesn’t really matter. They’ve made her squirt and swallow, squeal and plead for hours. Now she’s just going blank. Mindkill herself to concentrate on the now. Lick that cum off the leather -mmm, it tastes salty. God, if they slap my cheeks while fucking my ass any more, I think I’ll squirt again. I hope they don’t mind, I’ll try to make it run down my thighs. Owww, my ass is burning, the skin feel like on fire.


A plugged sissy is a happy sissy.

A plugged sissy is a happy sissy.



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